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Lavender and Lee

Moldavite + Herkimer Lariat Gold Chain

Moldavite + Herkimer Lariat Gold Chain

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This stunning lariat style chain hangs below the collarbone and dangles a large Herkimer Diamond paired with a beautiful rare green Moldavite stone.

Moldavite is actually a natural glass, tektite, that is theorized to be the result of an asteroid hitting earth millions of years ago. Which is why it so rare- there is a finite amount of these stones within our planet (so cool right?!) 

Metal: 14k Gold Fill with 14k Gold Toggle Clasp

Length: 17 inches

Stone: Moldavaite + Herkimer Diamonds



For my spiritual and crystal loving customers I've copied a excerpt on why pairing moldavite with herkimer is an excellent match: 

"Herkimer Diamond is the most powerful crystal of the Quartz family. It is highly connected to the Crown chakra and can be used with Moldavite to access higher realms. 

Both crystals are very attuned to Divine energy and can be used to promote spiritual awareness. Whether you want to awaken your psychic gifts or connect to your spirit guides, Herkimer Diamond and Moldavite can assist.

Pairing herkimer diamonds and Moldavite can effectively remove energy blockages in the Heart chakra as well. This can help you understand your needs more clearly and your emotions better."

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